There’s no excuse for eating bland food

What is this?

Welcome to My Quarantine Cookbook, a digital depository of recipes and cooking projects that are quick, fun, and delicious, and generally accessible to the average home chef. This blog will hopefully help everybody come up with fun and delicious cooking projects that are also simple and manageable by somebody with limited time and resources. 

Who are we?

We like to cook! And eat! And we’ve been doing a lot of it since the shelter-in-place orders came down. 

Who aren’t we? We’re not professional chefs. We’re not people who spend a ton of money on the very best ingredients. We’re people who earn a decent living, shop at the Safeways and Costcos of the world, and do our best with what we have. 

What will I need?

It depends on the recipe, but generally you’ll need a stove, an oven, a cutting board / place to assemble your dishes, and decent enough cookware to get the job done. You’ll also need a winning attitude and a willingness to try new things and make the best dish with the ingredients you have handy.