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Hot Banana and Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Brownies

Tonight’s tale is one of tragedy. My fiancée and I both decided to get back on our diets tomorrow, which naturally meant that we needed to take advantage of our last chance to eat sugar with reckless abandon.  Two words immediately popped into my head: CHOCOLATE. BANANAS. I cast about the internet looking for a […]


Homemade Fermented Hot Sauce

As with so many of my recent kitchen projects, the inspiration for this hot sauce came from one of Brad Leone’s videos on Bon Appetit. But as with just about every one of those projects, by the time I get started, I’ve tweaked just about every part of it based on available ingredients, tools, and […]


Weekend Breakfast: Egg Sandwich

This weekend I decided to whip up a quick and easy breakfast that hit all of the right spots: a crispy, tangy egg sandwich. Thanks to our old friends butter and pickled onions, it’s a cinch to throw together a tasty sandwich in just a few minutes. Throw some butter in your pan.  It really […]

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Matzo Ball Soup, Quarantine Style

The holiday of Passover means different things to different people, but perhaps the single most iconic dish is also one of the best foods ever conceived by the Jewish people: matzo ball soup.  What is matzo ball soup? Part of the Passover tradition includes not eating leavened bread, meaning anything with yeast. The most famous […]


Breakfast Wrap With Turkey and Peppers

After weeks of eating whatever I wanted and blaming the quarantine, I decided to get back on the Weight Watchers horse and try to eat a bit healthier, even if that only means tracking what I’m eating. I ended up with a delicious, easy, and low-point lunch: a breakfast wrap. Here’s what I used to […]


Pickled Onions Will Change Your Life

It should surprise exactly zero of you to learn that when I find something I love, when I find that exact thing that’s been missing from my life all these years, I do whatever I must to make sure that I’m never left without it again. I am, of course, referring to pickled onions. What […]